Wednesday, 13 October 2010

NEWS: Marvell Launch Party At Shunt, London

Last week, London venue Shunt played host to UK group Marvell’s launch party for their new single, ‘We Know’.

The evening began outdoors where attendees were greeted by waitresses, dressed as ringleaders, serving drinks in what was to be a circus themed event. Entertainment was provided in the form of Japanese dancers and a fire-eater before guests were shown inside the venue; many of whom became acquainted with the free bar.

Short for Marvellous the Marvell trio, which consist of Vertex, Shocka and Double S, took to the stage for a short pre-performance before guests were shown in to a more intimate room within the venue for the main performances of the night. With support from their Risky Roadz label mates AL, Rival and Sean Thomas, the group performed a selection of their tracks including ‘We Know’ and the label collective ‘We Are Risky Roadz’.

While they conducted interviews and took photos, guests were entertained by the rest of the Risky Roadz family as each performed tracks of their own accompanied by a live band.

Speaking with the boys after, they felt the night was a success. “The response has been crazy, we tried to do something different and everybody appreciated that and that’s what we wanted”.

Marvell’s new single ‘We Know’ is out now.

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