Tuesday, 31 March 2009

R.I.P Trouble TV

After 11 years of entertaining us, from tonight (01/04/09), Trouble TV is no more! They already took away Trouble +1, now those dudes at Virgin Media who own Trouble TV are shutting it down to make it into another Living channel (Probably Living 3/4):

"Virgin Media is set to shut down its digital teenage-aimed TV channel Trouble and replace it with a revamped version of Living.The move is believed to be part of the organisation's plans to sell its content division, which could raise over £500 million for the digitalTV and broadband supplier. "

A spokesman for Virgin said: "Living2 will be renamed later in the year and given a clearer personality and proposition. We are exploring the possibility of launching a third Living-branded channel this year, which would probably replace Trouble on the electronic programme guide."

Errr...somebody needs to talk to Mr Branson! I liked the re-runs of Fresh Prince!! Oh and what about 'My Wife and Kids'?

'Tis a very sad day!

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