Wednesday, 8 September 2010

REVIEW: Eddie Kadi At The O2 Arena, London

On Saturday 4th September thousands of people made there way to The O2 Arena to be a part of a truly historical event. That event was An Evening with Eddie Kadi.

There were many a raised eyebrow when people first heard that the animated Congolese born comedian was going from the Indigo to the O2 Arena, but all those reservations and doubts were laid to rest a little after 9pm when Eddie rose from a Adidas covered bed to a roar of applause from his fans and supporters.

The two plus hours show which, was superbly warmed up by brilliant performances from Meleka of funky house dancefloor filler 'Go' fame who, not only sounded, but looked amazing. UK hip hop artist Smiler and the vibrant and recently signed Clement Marfo And The Frontline.

The main show consisted of tales of Kadi's childhood both here and in Africa, the various worldwide cultural differences he has come across and as ever his love of his British passport.

Much like other shows, Kadi lined up a plethora of guests from the music and television world. Nigerian rapper Vocal Splender, Diane Parish (Denise from EastEnders), Tinie Tempah and N Dubz (minus Dappy) all stopped by to show their support and admiration for the history making comedian. Aside from a few technical difficulties the show flowed very well and catered for all those in attendance whether they were Black, White or Asian.

The months of promo and hard work definitely paid off for Mr Kadi.

The only question now is, what will he do next???

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