Thursday, 23 September 2010

NEWS: New Music By Beyoncé May Be Revealed In 3 Weeks!

You all know that the Queen Bey couldn't stay away from the music game for too long! Over the past weeks we've heard that Beyoncé has been in the studio recording new music for a brand new album.

Now it seems that we're just weeks away from hearing some of Bey's new material!

Producer Los Da Mystro posted on his Twitter page:

"Listening to New B record Dream wrote...F**KINg INSANE! WOw!! She About to Kill the game again! Had to Listen again!! Yall C in 3 weeks!" he tweeted. "Thats what they sayn now.. But it is the music Business. could b sooner r lata.."

So much for the break Bey, but we're definitely anticipating your return!

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