Friday, 5 November 2010

NEWS: Kim Kardashian - "[Shake] Is Not My Song!"

Well we did tell you that Kim Kardashian had been in the studio recording an album, and has also been working with The Dream, however we didn't expect the leak of any of her material to leak so soon!

'Shake' is the alleged first track from Kim which is produced by the Neptunes, that will feature on her debut album.

Since 'Shake' hit the net, Kim has since come forward on Twitter and her website to say that it's not her singing on the track:

"A song called ‘Shake’ was released on the internet today and some websites are claiming it is my voice on the track. It is not my voice.
I don’t know who this “audio engineer” is claiming that he worked with me on this song, but he is a liar and a fraud. I never was in the studio with him, and he is using this to gain notoriety. To give quotes to the media and lie about meeting me, let alone lie about recording with me, is just wrong! I have never met this guy or worked with this guy, and that is NOT my voice on this song.
It’s really sad what people will do for a little publicity. I want you guys to know the truth. Please don’t believe these rumors."

I must admit, I actually like the track- but Kim says it's not her?

The story continues.......

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