Sunday, 21 November 2010

REVIEW: Rhian Benson's Pre Album Launch And New Single 'Better Without You'

Last week Social Writers were invited to Rhian Benson's pre album launch for her well overdue second album, 'Hands Clean' at the hidden yet intimate Envypost. Rhian can definitely relish in the fact that she has one of the most unique voices the UK Soul scene has ever produced and after witnessing her performance on Wednesday, it's a rare quality that has much life still.

As soon as you walked into the candle lit room, it became apparent that the show was strictly for the grown and sophisticated- the champagne was flowing and the conversations were friendly, but most importantly the atmosphere was perfectly set for Rhian to grace the humble stage and perform. Introducing the guests to her new single 'Better Without You', the elegant Rhian Benson sang the song beautifully with the assistance of her three piece band and the presence of her deep rooted golden Ghanaian charm.

Rhian glided through the evening effortlessly, singing another three tracks from her current EP including, the salsa inspired 'Rewind', 'Be' and the sensual 'This Feels Like Home'. Ending the show with the Hip hop underground classic, 'Say How You Feel' (minus Slum Village), Rhian's short but sweet performance was  filled with integrity, honesty and allure-essential ingredients for music with substance.

'Hands Clean' drops in February 2011 and you can purchase Rhian's first single, 'Better Without You' on the 7th February 2011 .

Take a listening to the remix Rhian's new single featuring Illa J and T3 below and click the following link for her EP.


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