Tuesday, 23 November 2010

NEWS: Nicki Minaj Collaborates With M·A·C To Release Limited Edition 'Pink Friday' Lipstick

To add further promotion to her debut album 'Pink Friday', Nicki Minaj has teamed up with uber-make-up brand M·A·C to produce her very own lipstick shade aptly named 'Pink Friday'.

The Harajuku Barbie who has been a fan of M·A·C for years has put her own twist on the pink shade which will only be available for four consecquitive Fridays, starting this Friday 26th November, whilst stock lasts.

You can buy the lipstick online from www.maccosmetics.co.uk and exclusively at www.selfridges.com

Go under the cut to read some of Nicki Minaj's interview with M·A·C about her new lipstick

Tell us about the inspiration for your new M·A·C Lipstick shade, Pink Friday?

This shade is similar to the one I've worn for years by M·A·C but with a little extra ZING! I wanted a color that represented female empowerment as well as euphoria! The color makes u feel free to rule the world. Its sexy, yet fun! It pops! Its theatrical! It turns heads! No matter your age, Pink Friday makes u feel like you're the life of the party!

How did you end up collaborating with M·A·C? What about the brand appeals to you?

I've been wearing M·A·C products since my High School prom. I actually got it done at a M·A·C counter. From that day on, I've been hooked! I've always felt like M·A·C represents women of all colors and shades. The make-up always feels like it was custom made for your skin, your shade, your beauty regimen. The day I sat down with them I was very nervous. This had been my dream for a very long time. Surprisingly, they made me feel right at home. They had researched my pictures, my music, my fans! The staff seemed more like family than co-workers. It was a great experience.

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