Sunday, 8 February 2009

What ever happened to just being nice?

There's a bit of anger in all of us, we all tend to flip out every now and then when we really shouldn't have to.

But nothing can compare to Christian Bale's 46 swear word rant in which he launched a scathing verbal assault on a colleague on the set of Terminator 4.

I mean come on people, whatever happened to just being nice? In some respects you gotta feel for Bale though, Heath Ledger stole the show in The Dark Knight and we all know his own mother called the feds on him, but Bale must have thought he was still playing Patrick Bateman from American Psycho because he really went in at the poor guy.

We know you gotta get into character, blah blah blah, but here's a tip, take a page out of Tom Cruise's book.

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