Saturday, 14 February 2009

Social Writers Are Loving...

'Social Writers Are Loving....' is a part of the blog where we tell you what we love, whether it's old or new.

Seeing as it's the day of LOVE, and we all collectively LOVE music, we are sharing with you our favourite LOVE/make-out songs of all time, plus some New Flava LOVE songs you need to look out for!

R.E.A -The word-savvy, sports loving, smooth operator of the Social Writers

  • Maxwell, 'A Woman's Worth' - "This song works wonders. Enough said!"

  • R. Kelly - 'The Greatest Sex' - "The Pied Piper worked a miracle on this track, play this on V day, it's a must.

  • Jagged Edge, 'Moaning' - "Reminds me of old JE material....they have some great love songs." *New Flava *

K.C.B - The PR-loving, social butterfly of Social Writers

  • Al Green, 'Let's Stay Together' - "It's such a beautiful song...makes me smile like Al Green did."

  • Alicia Keys, 'If I Aint Got You' - "The lyrics say it all."

  • Ciara, 'Explode' - "This track is so's a joke! It's orgasmic I tell you! Great for intimacy!" *New Flava*

R.V.B - The cultural 'sound-clash' lover of Social Writers

  • Smokey Robinson, 'Let's Cruise' - "A favourite. So mellow, so silky."

  • Lauryn Hill ft D'Angelo, 'Nothing Even Matters' - " Two great singers of Neo-Soul come together to create some great chemistry. 'The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill'...what an album!

  • Algebra Blesset, 'I Think I Love You' - "The track speaks for itself." *New Flava*

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