Friday, 6 February 2009


I was invited to the multi-media screening of the much anticipated biographical film of the Notorious B.I.G, 'NOTORIOUS'.

I was pleasantly suprised! I really enjoyed the much better than Fiddy's 'Get Rich Or Die Trying'.

The film basically tells us the story of BIG's rise to fame as one of the G.O.A.Ts, from the tough streets of Brooklyn, to the night he died in LA, which most of us know already. It's a shame they didn't show us some information about his life that we didn't already know. All the same, the movie is a great adaptation of BIG's life and really done him justice.

The cast of the film were brilliant! Jamal Woolard, who plays Biggie, really got into character for his role...he even had BIG's breathing down to a tee! You really believed he was BIG, it's crazy. Derek Luke who plays Puffy couldn't have done a better job...I mean the guy even got Puff's mad dance moves on point! Faith Evans' character looks just her and Angela Basset, who plays Miss Wallace, could've put a bit more work in with her accent, after all Miss Wallace was born in Jamaica....her accent wouldn't have been so American all the time, but other than that she too playd her part well.

Now as for Lil' Kim's portrayal in the film......The 'notorious K.I to the M' has been moaning about how she's being portrayed as BIG's 'jump-off' through out the film and how Naturi Naughton, former 3LW band memeber who plays Kim, doesn't do her character any justice. I personally feel that Kim is just angry at the fact that she wasn't asked to help out in the film like Faith and Puffy were. She is portrayed just as she portrays herself in real life: a very sexual female rapper, who had an on-off realtionship with Biggie. Simple as! Naturi played Kim's character well, considering she never had Kim's help to nail her character down. Kim needs to realise the film is about BIG and not her and to stop moaning about her character!

The film also introduces CJ Wallace, BIG and Faith's son, who plays a young BIG in the film. The soundtrack is filled with some of your favourite B.I.G songs such as 'Juicy' and 'Warning' which will have you bobbing throughout the film.

'NOTORIOUS' is a film that all hip-hop heads, and music lovers need to go and see. Also the soundtrack is a good buy, which features actual demo's of Biggie's and tracks from Jay Z and Santogold, and Faith and Jadakiss.

Here's the trailer......

'NOTORIOUS' out in cinemas 13/02/09

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