Tuesday, 3 February 2009

London At A Standstill

So the snow settled.....

We finally got the snow that we wanted for Crimbo, but it decided to come in February on a Monday when we all have to get to work, uni, school etc

The roads were deserted in the normal rush hour...nobody at bus stops...hell was there even any buses running?! NOOOOOOO

London Transport decided to terminate all bus services as the roads were too icy, which is understandable, and obviously trains were on the blink and the tube was running at a slow pace. London was at a complete standstill....just because of some snow.

I seriously think that the London Transport need to clean their act up! I mean NYC, which gets about three times more snow than we do in London, seems to have their game up, they have snow cleaning trucks which scrap the snow off the roads so cars and buses can drive....so why can't London???

Each year the travel fares rise, and on a day of snow, which really and truly isn't that bad, stops everyone from commuting. So I think it's time that that Boris Johnson took some of that congestion charge/oystercard money and put it to good use for snow days like today. All of this global warming in the world is going to cause more weird weather, and London will be on the receiving end of some of it, so I see snow cleaning machines, or whatever they're called, a good investment!

On a good note today was SNOW DAY!! A three day weekend....whooo hoooo!!

The snow looked so pretty.....from the window. I wasn't going outside to feel it's wrath!!

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