Wednesday, 25 February 2009

First All Black Eastenders Episode

For the first time ever in the whole of the 23 years that our beloved Eastenders has been running, last night's episode was the first (and probably only time) that it had an all black cast.

Now why would the BBC do this all of a sudden? Search me!

The episode focuses on your Trinidadian grandad, Patrick Trueman, reminiscing on coming to Great Britain and the Notting Hill Riots of 1958 that he was involved in. It turns out old Patrick has some skeletons in the closet; he was arrested back in the 1950's for attacking a white person, and he doesn't want the Foxes to find out. That devious pastor/preacher Lucas finds out Patricks secret and the pair make a deal; Lucas wont tell the Foxes about Patricks secret and Patrick wont tell Denise about Lucas' rendevouz's with his wife.

If only secrets were that easy to keep in soapland!

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