Tuesday, 13 April 2010

VIDEO: Art Rules Aruba Promo Video

A few months ago Social Writers introduced you to 'Art Rules Aruba'( click here to read the post) , a creative arts program, offering the youths of Aruba the chance to explore the arts in its entirety . The Pancake Gallery seems to be going from strength to strength which is perfectly demonstrated in their new promo video. The program looks brilliant and is a sneak peak of what the kids of Aruba can look forward to in July, when it all kicks off.

Check out the promo video and let us know your thoughts?


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  1. I wish i was 12 living in aruba...then i could join and be part of this amazing, life changing experience that will be had. Go gurls!!! This is BRILLIANT!!!!!!!! Big up ArtsRULESaruba!!!


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