Wednesday, 21 April 2010

RUMOUR: Keisha Buchanan To Tell All About Life In The Sugababes In New Book?

Sources have told NOW Magazine that ex-Sugababes member, Keisha Buchanan, is to write a tell-all book about her time as a member of the Sugababes, documenting the highs and lows as well as being axed from the band in secret.

"Keisha's in discussions about writing a book about her time in the band," says one source. "Publishers have been after her for ages, but it's only now she's seriously considering it. At the moment it's still in the initial stages, but she's very excited," the source added.

"The book will chart the highs and lows and obviously deal with the very public split last year.
"Keisha's always kept quiet about what really happened even though the others have spoken at length about it."

What an interesting read that book would be......

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