Monday, 26 April 2010

Just For Laughs: Shadrack and the Mandem 'Guns and Pork' [VIDEO]

'Guns and Pork' is the latest comedic installment from the funniest guys in the "hood', Shadrack, Abendego and the Mandem. These guys are just hilarious, using the often played out gangster stereotype we bare witness to in film, music or on the road side and adding a satire spin to it, is just genius.

I hope these guys do well, the 5:38 second "new music video" is most certainly the highlight of my day!

If you're still unfamiliar with these guys, check out some of their earlier material after the jump.

Notable quote: "I wear Avirex in 90 degrees heat, nah swear down fam, I'm hot!"



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