Friday, 1 April 2011

NEW MUSIC VIDEO: MR Mitchell - 'Off The Coathanger'

Following the earlier trailer that we showed you, the full length video for MR Mitchell's debut solo single, 'Off The Coathanger' has been put out.

Shot in black and  white, the video is, according to MR Mitchell, 'about my new beginning. The lead girl running from me in the video symbolises me chasing my new music career and dreams, while the people chases me symbolises the demons from my past who are trying to stop me from getting to my love, which is music.'

On the single itself, MR Mitchell explained the title 'Off The Coathanger'. 

'[It] is exactly what the title says. It means something that is ready to be put on and unleashed, like a warrior's uniform or weaponry when going in to battle.'

The track has been taken from his forthcoming EP, 'Irregular Beats and Art Attacks', which is due to be released this summer.

Check out the artwork for the single too.

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