Friday, 29 April 2011

CONCERT REVIEW:Trey Songz At Hammersmith Apollo

If there’s anyone that knows how to get a crowd of females going crazy, it’s most definitely Trey Songz!
Trey performed to a sold out crowd at the HMV Hammersmith Apollo on Tuesday night.

The night started with performances from warm up acts Luke Bingham and Talay Riley who did a great
job of getting the crowd amped for Trigga. Talay Riley became a hit with the ladies as he sang a cover of
Beyonce’s ‘Halo’, hitting notes that not many male singers are capable of reaching.

"Mr Steal Yo’ Girl" himself finally took to the stage for a full hour and 45 minute set accompanied by his
live band. The singer had the crowd going wild as he opened with his hit record, ‘I Invented
’, before taking it back with tracks like ‘Can’t Help But Wait’ and ‘Can’t Stop Missing You’.

Now, a Trey Songz concert isn’t a Trey Songz concert until a fan has been pulled on stage to receive
the full Trey Songz treatment; this show was no different! After teasing fans by taking off his vest.
(and revealing his perfectly chiselled body), the ladies man selected two special females to join him on stage, where things started to get quite hot and steamy for the two ladies as the three of them became
extremely close...need we say any more?!

The stand out performances for the night had to be ‘Black Roses’ and ‘Neighbours Know My Name
which saw the talented star showcase some impressive vocals in a fully energised set; any true fan of
live music would have found it difficult to keep still.

Trey ended the night with his Nicki Minaj featured track ‘Bottoms Up’, but not before bringing out
the UK’s very own Chipmunk. The pair made a toast to each other, each armed with a bottle of Ace of
Spades, before Trey invited an army of pre selected females on stage for his finale.

Review by Casey Elisha

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