Monday, 7 February 2011

ALBUM INFO: Chipmunk - 'Transition' Tracklist

The tracklist for Chipmunk's sophomore album 'Transition' has been released.

Chipmunk previously revealed that album features Trey Songz, Keri Hilson, Chris Brown, Movado and more recently Kaleena from Diddy-Dirty Money.

  1.  Transition
  2. Follow My Lead
  3. Flying High
  4. Champion ft Chris Brown
  5. Foul
  6. In The Air
  7. Then And Now
  8. White Lie ft Kaleena from Diddy-Dirty Money
  9. Every Gyal
  10. Take Off
  11. Armegeddon
  12. Picture Me
  13. Pray For Me
'Transition' is released April 18th. 

We're looking forward to this album, are you?

Thanks SoulCulture


  1. chipmunk's album has done so well. I'm proud of my boy. All you haters have now been proved wrong. I've been suporting him all along, and never looked back! Much love baby. <3

  2. absolutely fantastic!, chipmunk is an inspiration and a gorgeous one at that :p, loveyou so much chipmunk xxxz

  3. champion amazing x


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