Thursday, 8 July 2010

NEWS: LeBron James To Announce Decision Live on ESPN

Whilst World Cup euphoria has dominated the airwaves this side of the pond, our 'special friends' in the states have been gripped in anticipation over who LeBron James will sign with.

LeBron played forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers all his career and is basketball's most coveted, and lucrative free agent, however he is out of contract with the Cavaliers and is free to move to the club of his choice.

His decision will be broadcasted live on ESPN with some of the funds going to charitable organisation the Boys and Girls Club of America.

In the the weeks leading up to 'The Decision', James had meetings with big teams such as Chicago Bulls, and the New York Knicks.

Even the White house has been involved with Robert Gibbs, the White house spokesman saying 'I think the President still believes that he would look quite good in a Bulls (Chicago) uniform'.

To add to it all LeBron signed up to Twitter under the name of @KingJames and clocked up more than 280,000 followers tweeting about his 'Decision'

Furthermore, James has reportedly spoke to Jay-Z about his decision. The rapper is a minority partner for the New Jersey Nets and its been reported that Jay-Z wants to sway to Lebron to the Nets.

With big names wooing him and politicians like the president and New York's mayor, Michael Bloomberg lobbying for his signature, America will have to wait for the biggest news that will rock the NBA this summer.

Word is, Lebron was spotted leaving Eastlands this morning with Sheikh Mansour.. Manchester City are signing him just for the fun of it..

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  1. Don't you ever pick up the phone!!!! I got back in from the hospital yesterday... but I have heard nothing since??


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