Thursday, 8 July 2010

BEEF: 50 Cent: "To Describe Puffy In One Word Is A Bitch!"

"To describe Puffy in one word is a bitch! You know how an ugly bitch always got like pretty friends? That's what he's done with his group - he wanted to be the hot bitch in the group.
He wants to make sure he gets all the attention. He wanna make sure the n***as holler at him - it's the reality of the situation." - 50 Cent on Shade 45.

50 Cent rang into radio station Shade 45 and talked it up with DJ Whoo Kid about his thoughts on Diddy. The two rappers are said to be in beef with each other. Why? We still don't know!

50 called Diddy a bitch, talked about those infamous naked pictures of Diddy's alleged girlfriend Cassie, and how he believes it was Diddy who leaked those pictures on to the internet.

Also check out what he had to say about Alicia Keys and her performance at the BET Awards - Swizz Beats will not be happy!

Audio Source : Jump Off

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