Friday, 9 July 2010

LAST NIGHT IN LONDON: Ne-Yo's 'Libra Scale' Album Playback

Last night we had the pleasure of being invited to the album playback for Ne-Yo's forthcoming new album, 'Libra Scale', at The Hospital Club, Covent Garden.

Ne-Yo himself hosted the event and told us the concept behind his fourth album; the album is based on a short story which he wrote. In short the story is about three rubbish cleaners, Clyde, Leroy and Jerome (who is played by Ne-Yo), who are given super powers by a mysterious man and they are known as The Gentlemen (very clever of Ne-Yo to continue his 'Year of The Gentleman t'heme).There's three rules that they must abide:
  1. They must protect the city
  2. They can't tell nobody about their powers
  3. They can't fall in love
Jerome ends up falling in love with a lady called Pretty Sinclair, so he breaks one of the three rules which then caused a disruption within the equilibrium. After Jerome sleeps with Pretty Sinclair the backfire of falling in love begins; she turns mentally mad, some of Jerome's super powers are given to her and her eyes turn into diamonds. Pretty Sinclair believes Jerome made these things happen to her on purpose so she intends to destroy him and everything his loves, so she becomes his enemy and is known as Diamond Eye. Diamond Eye goes about destroying the city and Clyde and Leroy end up working for her. Jerome does nothing to try and stop her because he loves her.

The mysterious man re-appears as Jerome broke one of the rules and gives Jerome two options to choose from - he must kill Diamond Eye and Pretty Sinclair to make time reverse, or time is reversed and Pretty Sinclair lives, but Jerome must die.

This is the cliff hanger that Ne-Yo left us on.......urging us to want to know what happens next.....

Whilst telling the story, Ne-Yo played us six tracks off of 'Libra Scale':
  1. Champagne Life - represents the 'American Dream' that The Gentlemen are living. Listen here
  2. One In A Million - An addictive beat full of drums and base laced with Ne-Yo's signature voice. The track is based on how Jerome feels about Pretty Sinclair
  3. She Is -A guitar rifted track giving the track a mid tempo yet ballad feel at the same time. Represents when Jerome and Pretty Sinclair are falling in love
  4. Cause I Said So - An up-tempo club banger filled with funk and RnB. This is Diamond Eye's theme song.
  5. Beautiful Monster - Ne-Yo's current single. Represents Diamond Eye as she's evil but so beautiful you have to have her. Listen here
  6. What Have I Done - This track is very Michael Jackson-esque, reminds me of 'She's Out Of My Life' by MJ. The track represents when Jerome is down in the dumps about Diamond Eye/Pretty Sinclair.
The concept of the album is great - fresh, innovative and different! The tracks sound very much like something Michael Jackson would've done, both melodically and lyrically, which was done on purpose. So far only collaboration to feature on the 'Libra Scale' is with rapper Fabolous.....I guess we'll have to wait till September 21st to find out if anybody else will feature.

This is definitely an album I'm looking forward to hearing!

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