Tuesday, 6 July 2010

GIG REVIEW: Janelle Monae Live At Hoxton Bar & Grill, London

In the packed-to-capacity, non-air-conditioned Hoxton Bar & Grill in East London, stood a crowd of hot and bothered people waiting for Miss Janelle Monae to grace the stage and wow us. We sure were wowed!

After the Wondaland maestro announced the start of the show, three women dressed in black hooded cloaks with their faces hidden, appeared on stage as 'Suite II Overture' played as an introduction to the amazing spectacle that was about to take place. Janelle ripped off her cloak and began to sing 'Dance Or Die' from her brand new debut album, 'The ArchAndroid'.

The animated singer performed songs from her new album such as 'Faster', 'Cold War' and her new single 'Tightrope' which had the crowd singing along, and also tracks from her EP 'Metropolis: Suite 1' like 'Violet Stars Hunting', Janelle's rendition of 'Smile' and 'Many Moons',which was the last track of the night.

Throughout the 'Emotion Picture' Janelle gave a stellar performance filled with energy, creativity, passion and fun, not to mention showing us some of her eye-catching dance moves (whilst hitting all the right notes), that match her charismatic character that makes her The ArchAndroid that she is.

An effortless, jaw-dropping performance from an amazing talent!

Photography by Paul Sonola

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