Tuesday, 9 November 2010

VIDEO: Oprah's Interview With The Jackson Family [FULL INTERVIEW]

Yesterday the highly anticipated interview between talk show queen Oprah and the Jackson family was finally aired in the States.

For the first time ever Michael Jackson's mother Katherine, his three children and his father Joe spoke openly about Michael and his death.

In the candid interview Katherine reveals that Dr Conrad Murray made her wait before telling her that Michael passed away, she spoke to Michael's surgeon telling him to lie to Michael about nips and tucks after realising her son had an addiction to plastic surgery and she reveals what we already knew; Michael had more than two nose jobs done.

Joe Jackson also spoke to Oprah and told the truth about the abuse Michael received from him after being urged by his wife Katherine to "admit it; [as] that's the way black people raise their children... He [Joe] used a strap."

Paris also opened up about her late father also.

This has got to be one of Oprah's best interviews to date!

Thanks PunchBowl

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