Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Jackomania UPDATE: 'Don't Stop Till You Get Enough'

Okay, so the 'King of Pop' has outdone himself again! He'll now play 30 nights at O2!

Initially he was meant to play 10 nights at London's, The O2, but after today's pre-sale tickets were released from 7am this morning, and 1.5 million people were trying to get their hands on some tickets, the intial 10 shows sold out within seconds.

To cater to the huge demand for tickets, AEG Live added another 9 days, but those too sold out like hot cakes, within seconds. Talk about record breaking!! So they added another 11 shows, which as I'm typing at this moment in time, are selling out!
Get your tickets while there's still a chance on Friday, when the tickets go on sale to the public. I warn you to stay awake all Thursday night!!

With 30 nights in total, MJ will top Prince's 21 nights at The 02. Both of these great entertainers are 50 years old, and have been in the music game for quite some time now. Prince was great last year at The O2, he performed every night with such showmanship. passion and adrenaline, so much so that I saw him perform twice in those 21 nights, and the little man done good!

Now we all know they are both getting on in age, and both have some health problems,(Prince had a hip replacement, and MJ...well I shall not even get into that), but who do you think will be 'The King of The O2'?

Can MJ do all 30 nights? I would love for him to, but me thinks not! MJ can just about breathe through that reconstructed nose of his, let alone perform on stage for 30 nights. Let hope he 'Dont Stop Till WE Get Enough'. SMH

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