Tuesday, 3 March 2009

I'm A Rock Chick....NOT

Poor Solange!

Now I'm all for Solange getting her music career on, I mean her talent needs to shine as Bey and their mum Tina are not the only talented ones in the family, but she needs to realise she is NOT a rock chick!!

Currently on tour with our fave girl Estelle in the States, Solange accidently swung her microphone stand into her audience. Luckily nobody was hurt. It's just so funny how she runs off the stage like a little girl who's done something wrong and knows they're going to get into trouble...

Fed up with questions about the incident....this is what Miss Knowles had to say via Twitter:

"My intent was to throw my mic stand off stage (turns out im a God awful rock star and quarterback) it slipped and went into the audience....the reason I ran off stage is because my show was over. I turned around to check and make sure no one was hurt. Also had my road manager go and double check... no one was harmed thank God."

Solange I love you and all...but please leave that to the professional rockstars in the future!

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