Friday, 6 March 2009


The 'King of Pop, Michael Jackson that is, paid London's The O2 a visit on Thursday, to announce his "final curtain call" of concerts.

MJ will play 10 shows at The O2 in July, and these shows will be his "last in London". The 10 concerts will begin on July 8th and ticket prices are £50, £65 or £75, which I think is quite resonable for MJ of all people!

For all you stans, tickets go on sale Friday 13th March, but you can pre-order from
Now I must say, MJ aint as healthy as he used to be, and these days he's looking rather frail like he aint been eating enough protein. I don't think an 8 day tour is the best thing for him right now...but the show must go on I suppose?

I wish I could've watched him perform in his heyday...*sighs*

Who's going to buy some MJ tickets??

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