Monday, 23 August 2010

NEWS: Beyonce's House Of Dereon Label To Be Sued....Again!

The Queen Bey may have a law suit on her hands as the Icelandic clothing company E-Label has accused Beyonce's House Of Dereon label of copying one of their designs - a pair of studded leggings.

Beyonce was said to have bought the pair of leggins from Topshop in London earlier this year and E-Label have noticed a canny resemblence to their leggings and the pair she is promoting in her House of Dereon campaign.

Do you think E-Label have a strong case?

Thanks PunchBowl

Side note: This is not the first time one of Beyonce's team or House of Dereon have been sued. Remember the whole issue over her lingerie/swimsuit in the 'Video Phone' music video? Well that item of clothing was a copy of another designer and Sony were sued!

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