Thursday, 28 January 2010

NEW MUSIC VIDEOS: Mariah Carey ft Ne-Yo - 'Angels Cry (Remix)' and 'Mariah Carey ft Nicki Minaj - 'Up Out My Face'

It's a double whammy for all you lambs out there,(Lambs = Mariah fans, for those that don't know), as Mrs Carey-Cannon released two music videos last night, both directed by her husband, Nick Cannon.

'Up Out My Face' is a somewhat funny video, which shows Mariah once again channeling her younger self. The video isn't a typical 'big budget one'that we're used to seeing, but it works for this track.

A well directed video to accompany one of the best tracks off Mariah's album - Nick Cannon at too bad at directing is he?

'Up Out My Face' and 'Angels Cry' are taken off of Mariah's forthcoming remix album , 'Angels Advocate'.

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