Monday, 18 January 2010

DOWNLOAD: Nicki Minaj - 'Barbie World' [Mixtape]

Miss Minaj's latest mixtape, appropriately entitled 'Barbie World', is not a bunch of new tracks, I'm afraid....most of it you've probably heard already like 'Saxon', 'The Cipher' taken from the much talked about BET cipher, 'Roger That' and 'Shake It For Daddy' - but if you like Nicki it is definitely worth listening to.

The 'new' Cassie track featuring Nicki, 'F*ck You Silly', that is doing the rounds today on the net, is featured on this mixtape.

1. Barbie World Intro
2. I Love You
3. Girlfriend
4. Fuck U Silly
5. Mi Casa
6. Out My Face
7. Saxon Full Song
8. Get Your Paper Up
9. Little Freak
10. Knckout
11. Shake It For Daddy
12. Take It Off
13. Sex In Crazy Places
14. Grinding Getting Money
15. Ponytail
16. The Cipher
17. Fuck The B.S.
18. Streets Is Watching
19. Finale
20. Roger That
21. Bedrock
22. Getting Paid
23. Dang A Lang
24. Bonus
25. Bonus

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