Thursday, 23 July 2009

What Has She Done???

Ok people, I know everyone is trying new do's right now, BUT... Solange done lost her mind!!!!

The pop/RnB singer has decided to to rock a number two, (that's barber talk...), and try and pioneer a new movement.

I guess when your big sis is one of the highest selling and most famous artists in the world you have to do things to get noticed, but this wasn't the route to choose AT ALL!!

Although I have seen worse I'm not sure if this is the right look for her. What do you think???


  1. Errr....did you say pioneer a movement? I believe Miss Amber Rose started that and people are just following trend.

    I like this look on Solo. But why cut your hair like this and then still wear wigs when you're attending functions??

  2. I think she looks ok, every other girl in a club has shaved half her head right now after Cassie etc. It's a bit late on trend, it was hot about 2yrs ago...


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