Sunday, 19 July 2009

Is Gucci Mane in Jail... AGAIN or is it just RUMOURS?

Social Writers just caught word that east Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane has gone back to jail for violation of his parole, after just spending ten months as a free man for the same misdemeanor, but in the space of 20 minutes sources were quick to suggest that the news was all rumours.

This is how Karen Civil is reporting it.

A source in Gucci’s camp let me know that Gucci Mane violated the terms of his probation, by failure to appear and dirty urine. The violation has sent him back to prison. The surce also mentioned, Warner Brothers/Asylum Records is trying to keep it quiet because Gucci going back to jail will hurt the promotion and marketing of Gucci Mane album this year. The fear is that with Gucci going in and TI possibly coming out, the buzz in Atlanta and the support of the label will shift from Gucci to TIP. Hopefully the Warner Brothers/Asylum Records will speak more on the situation.
Although its reported that WarnerBrothers/Asylum records want to keep it quiet, news has reached Twitter with his protege SouljaBoy tweeting "Just woke up to some bullshit... my ni**a Gucci back in jail.. Free Gucci...".

If it's true and Gucci is actually going back to jail it's really going to affect Gucci Mane's marketing and buzz. After coming out of prison back in September 2008 Gucci has featured on many tracks by mainstream artists, Keri Hilson and Mario to name a few, he even managed to get under the skin of fellow south rapper, Young Jeezy who recorded a new diss track for Gucci and his protege OJ The Juiceman.

However the same way the news blew up, people were quick to suggest that it was all rumours. An associate of Gucci's Tweeted that it's all "false info".

As SW get more info, we will let you know!

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