Friday, 3 July 2009

Do You Want To Copy Celebrities?

This post is particularly for the ladies.....

Have you ever spotted a celeb in a magazine or on the road and loved a pair of shoes that they had on, but had no idea which designer brand it was, or where to buy it? Or have you read in a newspaper about a fabulous hotel that a celebrity has stayed in, but you have no idea what the hotel is called?

Well now you no longer have to wonder......introducing

TheNod is a website that allows people to copy their favourite star's lifestyle. It allows you to see what products and services different celebrities, both male and female use and recommends. TheNod then provides links to where you can purchase these products and about great!!

The site also includes celebrity profiles and interviews.

This is a great website as it saves you time trying to find that specific pair of Louboutins that you saw Victoria Beckham wear last night to dinner, or those black sunglasses that P Diddy wore whilst lapping up the sun in St Tropez.

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