Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Day 26 Second Time Round

Forever In A Day is Day 26's sophomore album, and I've listened to a few tracks and the album is looking pretty good!

Released today, mainly Stateside, the Making The Band 4 guys, Mike, Brian, Willie, Que and Robert have tried to create an album full of club bangers, which they seem to believe was missing in their debut self-titled album, Day 26.

There hasn't been a good RnB male group for ages, I think B2K was probably the last, but Day 26, admist rumours that Que is crazy and needs to leave the band, seem to have the fans on lock.

There's no official release date for Forever In A Day for the UK....no suprise there, so buy it on iTunes! Support the movement....it's Bad Boy!

Here's the video for the first single off the album, I'mma Put It On Her

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