Friday, 24 December 2010

SOCIAL WRITERS: Best & Worse Albums 2010

2010 has been a great year for music! Below are our pics of the best and worst album of this year (in no particular order).

Rick Ross | Teflon Don
Mindful of the fact that 'Teflon Don' was his fourth studio album, listeners weren’t polluted with 18 tracks of repetitiveness adlibs of the fat man yelling ‘bawse’ from his bowels. Co-signed by Jay-Z, DJ Khaled and BFF with Diddy, Ross released the street bangers ’BMF’, ‘MC Hammer' with Gucci Mane, the third of his ‘Maybach Music’ installments, ‘Aston Martin Music’ and 'Super High' with Ne-Yo to push this album to platinum status in 2010.  Still what many people fail to forget his, that Ross was an artist in decline at that moment, with his shady past as a correctional officer being exploited by 50 Cent, 'Teflon Don' could have broke him, but it didn’t, it merely quietened those whispers away.

Janelle Monae | The ArchAndroid
Just like Janelle Monae herself, her debut album 'The ArchAndroid' is spellbinding and mesmerizing. The album takes you on a journey from beginning to end fusing funk, hip-hop, soul and Indie together to create a masterpiece. With 'Cold War' and 'Tightrope' released in 2010, the album will definitely still shine in 2011 with further single releases.

Black Milk | Album Of The Year (365)
Black Milk is one of RVB's favourite producers and his album has been on constant replay throughout the year. The instrumental interludes on the album are captivating and unique to his sound. The drums on his‘365’ track are over and beyond!

Kanye West | My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
This is Kanye's most eecentric, eye-opening, rule-breaking album. Kanye really digs deep down into himself to reveal all that he truly is to the world after the whirlwind of his much publicized meltdowns. Pure Genius! #thatsall


Nicki Minaj | Pink Friday
'Pink Friday' simply didn’t live up to its hype. Everyone expected the Nicki we had become

familiar with on features and mixtapes, and that’s not what we got. We don’t think the
album is absolutely bad, just a huge disappointment!

Lil Wayne | Rebirth
Rock x Hip-Hop just didn't work for Weezy. You could just about decipher what he was saying in most lyrics, like we don't have enough trouble doing so already. The album was too Rock based for his fans - simple!

The Foreign Exchange | Authenticity
Come Around’ taken off their first album ‘Connected’ still remains as a great hit. However; their current album 'Authenticity' just didn’t deliver. It didn’t demonstrate any growth since their previous album-in our humble opinion of course.

Lil Wayne | I An Not Human Being 
After Young Money cemented themselves as ‘The’ rap collective in 2010, we already had enough. Drake has an album, no doubt we can expect a Wayne feature on the single releases, we know that Birdman needs a feature on his solo efforts so of course you would slap Weezy on there, then the guy who doesn’t shut up DJ Khaled has something going on, "I'MMA GET WEEZY ON THERE, WE THE BEST!!!". So by the time Wayne got sent to jail nobody wanted to hear his polluted voice and 'I Am Not A Human Being' was something that didn’t need to be put out.

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