Wednesday, 26 May 2010

NEWS: Cheryl Cole Finally Files For Divorce Against Ashley Cole

In an exclusive report, The Sun claims that Cheryl Cole has officially launched a divorce action at London's High Court, citing "unreasonable behaviour" for the divorce.

A source said: "Cheryl made a swift decision to put England's World Cup dreams ahead of herself. The divorce should be finalised before England's first touch of the ball in South Africa on June 12. She knows how vital it is for Ashley to have a completely clear head and concentrate entirely on his football and performance, with no distractions or emotional pulls.

"She wants a completely clean break with no malice or wrangling over property or money. Cheryl will not take one penny of Ashley's money."

It's likely that the pair will be granted a quick divorce seeing as Cheryl has no intentions of wanting any money from Ashley.

We wonder how Ashley will cope with the divorce during the World Cup?

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